Julie Pottle

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    The Greenbelt is there to preserve the nature of individual towns and cities within it. If we start to build on the Greenbelt these historic cities will become lost in an urban sprawl that drowns them in an excess of people, traffic and pollution. Once the Greenbelt is gone, like an extinct species, it can never be restored. The Greenbelt in my local area preserves a delicate balance between concrete and nature. The Greenbelt must be preserved and brownfield development

    Fully exploited to meet any actual housing needs.

    The projections for housing that might, possibly, under certain conditions be needed seems a poor reason to change the face of the countryside, permanently, definitely, forever.

    Of course land near historic cities is highly sought after for development. It only exists as countryside and open spaces at present because it is protected by the law from developers who want to make the maximum gains from anywhere they can.

    Let’s keep on protecting the Greenbelt so that our historic and architecturally beautiful cities remain crowned in glorious countryside , not buried beneath a millstone of unimaginative and miserably dense housing estates.

    Don't Build on the Green Belt

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    Layla Moran and the local Lib Dem team are fighting proposals by the Conservative-run Cherwell and Vale of White Horse District Councils and Labour-run Oxford City Council to build piecemeal on the Green Belt.

    Please support our call for local councils across Oxford West & Abingdon to work together to protect the Oxford Green Belt. 


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